Design Guidelines & Standards for the CRA

South Ridgewood Avenue Corridor Design Guidelines
As part of the visioning process, the city has adopted private property design standards specifically to be utilized within the CRA. The private property design guidelines are focused on guiding new and existing property owners to develop their property in a manner consistent with a Mediterranean theme. The design standards address both site development and architectural treatments and are not intended to a complete listing of building materials. The images within the attached document are to provide examples and guidance regarding certain Mediterranean architectural characteristics.

The goal of the design standards is that as property owners comply with these standards, an architectural harmony will be created along South Ridgewood Avenue that will distinguish the City of South Daytona as a unique and desirable community in which to live, work and play.

Ridgewood Design StandardsUpdated May 2008
South Ridgewood Avenue Corridor Sign Guidelines
The City of South Daytona has established architectural requirements that all new construction projects reflect and utilize the design features and principles that are typical to "Florida Vernacular" or "Mediterranean" architectural styles in order to enhance and unify the City's appearance along public corridors and within private properties. This pamphlet includes excerpts taken from the South Ridge-wood Avenue Corridor Design Guidelines pertaining to signage requirements and guidelines.

The purpose of these Sign Guidelines is to create an uncluttered and unified appearance to the CRA District, and permit sufficient identification of business-es while allowing expression of an individual business's identity in a creative manner. The Sign Guide-lines are intended to encourage a festive and pedestrian-oriented, yet cohesive, image for the CRA District. Signs shall be secondary in visual importance to building architecture. The signs within the CRA District shall comply with Section 8.2 of the Land Development Code and the following specific requirements. If there are any discrepancies, the greater restriction shall apply. In addition, the signs shall be subject to aesthetic and design review by the CRA to ensure the overall Florida Vernacular or Mediterranean themes are maintained. The CRA shall consider sign design, color scheme, consistency with the Florida Vernacular or Mediterranean design themes, relationship with other signage and any other element that may affect its relationship to surrounding properties.
Sign Guidelines
Updated January 2012

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