March 11, 2009

Re: Availability of Reclaimed Water for Landscape Irrigation

Dear Utility Customer:

The City of South Daytona is pleased to afford you the availability of reclaimed water service for landscape irrigation purposes. The cost for unlimited usage, on designated days, of this environmentally sound alternative to irrigating with potable water is fifteen dollars [$15] per month.

Reclaimed water, sometimes referred to as reuse water, is wastewater that has been treated and transformed into a product that is clean, clear and odorless. This product has been subjected to strict water standards established by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection. South Daytona's reclaimed water is supplied by the City of Daytona Beach and is treated to advanced wastewater treatment standards at their state-of-the-art wastewater treatment plant.

Although not suitable for drinking, reclaimed water is appropriate for landscaping as it can be used on residential and commercial lawns and public areas. This service is initially available to limited areas of South Daytona due to the extent of our distribution system. Reclaimed water is distributed through a completely separate infrastructure of underground piping than that carrying potable water. Plans are ongoing to expand this service to much of the city in future years.

Although your establishment is not required to use the reclaimed water service, there are many benefits associated with its utilization. These include reducing the demand of potable water, environmental protection through the wise disposal of wastewater as effluent that would have been discharged into Halifax River is now reused for an other purpose, eliminates the expense of wells, has a low iron content which will not stain walkways and buildings, has a low salt content that will not harm sensitive plants, recharges the shallow aquifer with fresh water and is more cost efficient than irrigating landscaping with potable water.

If you have more questions concerning reclaimed water, please call the Public Works Department at 386.322.3080.  If you wish to connect to the reclaimed water system, please review the  documents below and submit the application to the Community Development Department located inside the City Hall Complex at 1672 South Ridgewood Avenue, South Daytona, Florida, 32119.

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