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Recycling: Residents should place their recycling materials in their green or blue bin(s). Items that can be recycled are:

  • PAPER materials such as newspapers (with inserts), mixed office paper, phone books, junk mail, magazines, cereal and snack boxes (no liners), pizza boxes, beverage cartons and cardboard boxes no larger than 4' x 4'. Larger cardboard boxes will be collected by the garbage truck.
  • GLASS bottles that are green, amber and clear.
  • ALUMINUM/STEEL cans, includes aerosol cans. Make sure the aerosol cans are empty and remove plastic tips/tops before recycling. Metal hangers are not accepted for recycling.
  • PLASTIC containers coded 1 through 7. Plastic bottles which can be recycled include the following; soda, juice, milk, soap, bleach, shampoo, hair spray, alcohol, peroxide, etc. Additionally, residents may recycle margarine and sour cream tubs, yogurt cups, plastic deli containers, prescription bottles, hot drink tops and CD cases. Styrofoam containers and plastic bags are not acceptable at this time.

Please rinse cans and jars to reduce odor and discourage insects and rodents. If you only use one recycle bin, please place your newspapers and lighter items in the bottom of the bin to reduce littering in your neighborhood. It is highly recommended that you have at least two recycle bins. Then you can place the paper/cardboard items in one bin, and your cans and bottles in the second bin. When you put the bins out for pickup, simply stack the heavier one on top of the one which contains the paper items. This will prevent the paper items from getting blown away on windy days.

ARE YOU RECYCLING MORE? NEED ANOTHER RECYCLING BIN? If you need an extra recycling bin, contact the Public Works Department at 322-3080 or use our online service request at:

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