Low Flow Toilet Rebate Program back  
Date of Record: February 2, 2009

An estimated 40% of water used indoors in a typical home goes to toilet flushing. To help its water customers cut per capita water use, the City of South Daytona has a low flow toilet rebate program. Customers who replace existing high volume toilets with new ultra-low flush models are eligible to receive a $50.00 dollar rebate per toilet, for a maximum of two per residence or unit.

Toilet Rebate Conditions & Guidelines - Effective for toilets replaced after Jan. 27, 2009 only!

  • The following conditions must be met in order to receive your $50.00 rebate.
  • You must be a City of South Daytona residential or commercial water or sewer customer.
  • The offer is only to replace existing toilets, not for new construction.
  • The toilet must be installed at the property that receives a utility bill from the City of South Daytona.
  • There is a limit of two $50.00 rebates per residence for residential customers and two $50.00 rebates per unit for commercial customers.
  • It is the homeowner or business owner's responsibility to ensure proper installation. You may install the toilet(s) or you may hire a plumber. Installation by a plumber is recommended.
  • After purchasing and installing the toilet, you must complete the attached form and mail it, along with your original receipt, to:

City of South Daytona
Utility Billing Department
P.O. Box 214960
South Daytona, FL 32121-4960

  • Your original receipt and your rebate check will be sent to the address specified on the attached form. You will receive your rebate check within four weeks from the date of the receipt at our office. Call 322-3002 if you have any questions.
  • After receipt of all paperwork, eligible participants will be sent a rebate check and their original receipt.
  • The removed toilet can not be reused and must be disposed of properly.
  • By participating in the City of South Daytona Toilet Rebate Program, the customer agrees to an installation verification visit, if requested by the City. You also may be asked to respond to a follow-up survey.

Information and Application (60 KB)