Streets & Stormwater

The Streets and Stormwater Division maintains the existing transportation system and storm water drainage network throughout the City. This includes asphalt repair, tree trimming and removal, sidewalk repair and construction, sign repair and replacement, cleaning and maintenance of catch basins, culverts, and drainage ditches, traffic markings and striping of roadways, maintenance of rights-of-ways, and street sweeping."
The Public Works Department is committed to keeping the streets clear of debris. This ensures that proper traffic patterns are followed and that existing stormwater facilities can operate as designed. The entire City is swept monthly, year around, with areas of higher concentration of trees being swept more frequently.
There are several streets in our City which are maintained by other municipalities:
Beville Road, Ridgewood Avenue and Nova Road are maintained by the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT).
To report a problem on these roads, please call the FDOT at 386-943-5000.
Big Tree Road and Reed Canal Road are maintained by Volusia County.
To report a problem on these roads, please call Volusia County at 386-822-6422.
Right-of-Way Excavation Permits
A Right-of-Way Excavation Permit is required before a utility provider can install conduit or service poles in the right-of-way. Utility Excavation Permit.
Street Resurfacing List
The City evaluates each year which streets are in need of resurfacing and schedules them according to proximity and the appropriated budget. An annual resurfacing program greatly reduces the costs associated with street maintenance by resurfacing a street before it degrades to a point where a much more costly reconstruction is required.
Locationof Stormwater PumpsDuringHurricane Season
The Public Works Department utilizes a number of permanent and portable pumps during our storm preparations. Great efforts have been made to connect most of the lakes within the City so that they may be drawn down before, during and after a severe storm event.

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