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Staff 1-25 of 38
Name Title Department Email Telephone
Abrahamson, Beverly Code Compliance Officer Code Compliance 386-322-3032
Beach, Jim Facility & Grounds Maintenance Supervisor Public Works 386-322-3083
Carlson, Dennis Financial Services Coordinator Finance 386-322-3023
Charla, Mike Officer Police Department 386-322-3000 x 3510
Cheatham, Mark Chief Police Department 386-322-3045
Craig, Bryan Lieutenant Police Department 386-322-3058
Devine, Tim Sports Program Coordinator Parks & Recreation 386-322-3070
Giles, David Chief Fire Department 386-322-3033
Gillis, Jr., James L. City Manager City Manager 386-322-3014
Gonzalez, Jacklyn Lieutenant Fire Department 386-322-3035
Howard, Don Commander Fire Department 386-322-3037
Hupp, Rick Community Service Officer Animal Control 386-322-3030
Jersey, Kim Accountant Finance 386-322-3064
Kirby, Chad Lieutenant Fire Department 386-322-3035
Kornel, Laureen Community Development Director Community Development 386-322-3022
Lopez, Stacy Administrative Assistant Police Department 386-322-3042
Macaulay, Taylor Fleet Maintenance Supervisor Public Works 386-322-3084
Mahoney, Wendy Public Works Specialist Public Works 386-322-3088
McCracken, Kevin Sergeant Police Department 386-322-3000 x 3518
McEnany, Josh Code Compliance Manager   386-322-3025
Melody, Francis Sergeant Police Department 386-322-3000 x 3519
Nelson, Paul Commander Fire Department 386-322-3037
O'Dell, Trudy Human Resources Director Human Resources 386-322-3069
Oliva, Jason Finance Director Finance 386-322-3063
Pedri, Kevin Lieutenant Police Department 386-322-3000 x 3527
Staff 1-25 of 38