Refuse Collection

Refuse Collection




MONDAY: From Big Tree Road, north to Beville Road & Reed Canal Road, south to the City limits
THURSDAY: Between Big Tree Road and Reed Canal Road


Please have your garbage at the curb by 7:00 A.M. on day of pickup and no earlier than 6:00 P.M. the night before the scheduled pick up day. Return containers to the proper storage area by the end of the pickup day.

For complaints or problems contact the Public Works Department at (386)-322-3080 or via the web at and we will be happy to assist you.


Household Garbage: Included in this category are food scraps, packaging, clothing, toys, small appliances and non-recyclables. Items must be containerized in garbage cans and placed behind the curb before 7:00 A.M. on Monday and Thursday. All hazardous materials which are harmful to the environment; such as gasoline, thinners/solvents, pool chemicals, pesticides, and motor oil should not be disposed of in your garbage.

Garbage cans should be no larger than 32 gallons, and no smaller than a 20 gallon container. The 50 and 90 gallon toters are too heavy for collectors to lift, and Waste Pro of FL., Inc. trucks are not equipped with special lifts for these large toters. Waste Pro of FL, Inc. will not collect from improper containers such as wheelbarrows, plastic tubs or nylon bags that attach to blowers, etc. These items are not considered proper containers and could become damaged. Please properly bag your garbage and use the approved containers.

Recycling: Residents should place their recycling materials in the green bin(s). Items that can be recycled are:

  • PAPER materials such as newspapers (with inserts), mixed office paper, phone books, junk mail, magazines, cereal and snack boxes (no liners), pizza boxes, beverage cartons and cardboard boxes no larger than 4' x 4'. Larger cardboard boxes will be collected by the garbage truck.
  • GLASS bottles that are green, amber and clear.
  • ALUMINUM/STEEL cans, includes aerosol cans. Make sure the aerosol cans are empty and remove plastic tips/tops before recycling. Metal hangers are not accepted for recycling.
  • PLASTIC containers coded 1 through 7. Plastic bottles which can be recycled include the following; soda, juice, milk, soap, bleach, shampoo, hair spray, alcohol, peroxide, etc. Additionally, residents may recycle margarine and sour cream tubs, yogurt cups, plastic deli containers, prescription bottles, hot drink tops and CD cases. Styrofoam containers and plastic bags are not acceptable at this time.

Please rinse cans and jars to reduce odor and discourage insects and rodents. If you only use one recycle bin, please place your newspapers and lighter items in the bottom of the bin to reduce littering in your neighborhood. It is highly recommended that you have at least two recycle bins. Then you can place the paper/cardboard items in one bin, and your cans and bottles in the second bin. When you put the bins out for pickup, simply stack the heavier one on top of the one which contains the paper items. This will prevent the paper items from getting blown away on windy days.

ARE YOU RECYCLING MORE? NEED ANOTHER RECYCLING BIN? If you need an extra recycling bin, contact the Public Works Department at 322-3080 or use our online service request at:

Vegetative Garden & Yard Trash Service: Grass clippings, leaves, pine needles, etc. must be containerized in garbage cans and/or trash bags and placed behind the curb before 7:00 A.M., Monday. Palm fronds, shrubs, tree brush, and braches will also be picked up if placed curbside by pickup time on Monday morning. Waste Pro of FL., Inc. has agreed to collect yard waste regardless of the diameter and weight. If a contractor is hired by a resident for yard work, it is the contractor's responsibility to take away any yard debris generated by them.

Appliances/Furniture/Televisions: Refrigerators, stoves, washers, dryers, dishwashers, window air conditioning units, couches, chairs, tables, mattresses, cabinets, counter-tops, televisions, etc. Place at the curb on normal garbage collection days. Remove all doors. Items will be picked up within 48 hours. There is no need to call.

Household Construction Trash: Small amounts of wood, concrete, block, plaster board, carpet etc. generated by "do-it-yourself" projects, which are cut up and contained within a garbage can or bag weighing less than 50 lbs., can be placed with your Monday or Thursday garbage. Larger amounts of these materials require roll-off service. Schedule delivery of containers at least 3 days in advance by calling 386-322-3063.

Tires: You should leave old tires where you purchase new tires. Or, place at the curb on normal garbage collection days. Eight (8) tires per residence per year will be picked up free of charge.

You may also take up to four (4) regular passenger size tires to Tomoka Landfill located at 1990 Tomoka Farms Road in Port Orange. For further information, please call 386-947-2952.

Motor Oil: Dispose of used motor oil at the recycling igloo, open 24 hours a day, at the City of South Daytona's Public Works facility, 1770 Segrave Street. Please DO NOT put gasoline, cleaning fluids, solvents, chemicals, etc. in the oil igloo. They pollute the oil making it un-recyclable. Not for commercial use. Dispose of empty motor oil cans in the container located next to the oil igloo. Dispose of motor oil filters by draining oil for minimum of 3 hours and placing in the oil igloo compartment or regular household garbage.

Automobile Batteries: You should leave your old battery where you purchase a replacement battery, or place it at the curb on normal garbage collection days. Two (2) batteries per residence per year may be picked up curbside.

Household Hazardous Waste: Paint & paint thinners - take these to the Tomoka Landfill's Paint Exchange Facility. Empty dry containers, with lids removed, may be included in your regular garbage. Contact the landfill at 947-2952 for instructions on the disposition of gasoline, solvents, pool chemicals, etc.

Fluorescent Tubes/Bulbs: Must be taken to Tomoka Landfill for disposal.
Home Heating Fuel Removal: Residents can contact Volusia County Solid Waste Division at 386-943-7889 for free home heating fuel oil removal.

Roll off service is available. Cost of this service depends on the size and frequency of the pick up. Please call 386-322-3063 for more information
Commercial Pickup:

The City has an exclusive agreement with Waste Pro Inc. to provide all dumpster and roll-off services. Please contact Jason Oliva in the Finance Department to schedule drop off or pick up of dumpster at 386-322-3063.

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