Land Development Regulation Board

Land Development Regulation Board
Theland development regulation board, (LDRB), serves in an advisory capacity to the South Daytona City Council. It makes recommendations on land use, zoning, land development regulations, general community development policies and such other matters as may be delegated to it by the city council. The LDRB serves as the city's designated local planning agency as defined in F.S. chapter 163.
Any individual who has his or her homestead residence within the corporate limits of the City of South Daytona may be appointed to the LDRB, except that one individual who does not own a residence in the city may be appointed as long as said individual meets the requirement below. To assure a diverse membership on the LDRB, the city council should, when reasonably possible, have a LDRB with at least one member from each of the following areas:
  1. An architect, landscape architect, engineer, or city planner.
  2. person actively involved in community affairs and demonstrating an interest in advancing the quality of life in the city.
  3. A person engaged in real estate sales or development.
  4. A natural or environmental scientist.
  5. A person owning a retail or service business located within the city limits; or an officer in a company of such a nature.
Appointment and terms
The LDRB shall consist of seven members and two alternates appointed by the city council to serve at their pleasure. No city elected official or city employee shall serve on the LDRB. Members shall be appointed for overlapping three-year terms or thereafter until their successors are appointed. Vacancies shall be filled first by the alternate members for unexpired regular member terms.