“Commitment to Excellence”

The City of South Daytona’s Public Works Department aims to consistently provide services that meet or exceed the expectations of its residents.  Through commitment to excellence we actively pursue continuous improvement to enable each employee to perform their job accurately the first time, every time.

The Department of Public Works is staffed to maintain the following divisions:
  • Streets and Stormwater
    The Streets and Stormwater Division maintains roadways, sidewalks, signage, street sweeping, right of way mowing and tree trimming, herbicide application, clearing catch basins, and maintaining ponds.
  • Utilities
    The Utilities Division centers around providing water to the City’s residents and ensuring sewage gets to the treatment plant.  Responsibilities include maintaining water meters, verifying water quality, maintaining supply lines, maintaining sewage pipes and lift stations, and maintaining fire hydrants in conjunction with the fire department.
  • Fleet Maintenance
    The Fleet Division maintains the City’s equipment.  This includes Police and Fire Vehicles, mowers, street sweepers, vacuum trucks, backhoes, handheld machinery, stormwater pumps, and emergency response equipment.  This division also assists in maintaining the City’s buildings. 
Each of these divisions exist to serve the residents of the City of South Daytona.  If you are a resident and have any questions or services requests, please contact us at sdpublicworks@southdaytona.org or call 386-322-3080.

We look forward to serving you.