If there any questions as to whether or not a permit is required, always check in advance.

Always use licensed contractors for all proposed work on your property.

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Effective July 1, 2023 - pursuant to the Live Local Act (SB 102): If an applicant believes it is entitled to expedited processing of an application for a building permit or development order, the applicant shall advise the City upon submission of the application of the statutory basis entitling it to expedited processing.  The City shall give applications for building permits or development orders that are entitled to expedited processing first priority and applicants may expect that such applications will be reviewed and processed quicker than other applications.


-Provide plan review and required inspections for all permitted construction projects.

-Checks licensing and registrations for all permit applications, utilizing the Volusia County Licensing Program through an interlocal agreement.


Always Check Before Building:

Start with a zoning (Community Development) to see if what you want to do is feasible and/or allowed.


If you are planning a new or an addition project, signed and sealed surveys are required to be submitted (3-Commercial 2- Residential). If the property is located in a FEMA designated special flood hazard area, two copies of completed, signed and sealed elevation certificates are required to be provided as part of the submittal package.


Submittal Documents:

New structures and additions require plans and documents (Commercial-3 Complete sets; Residential-3 Complete sets) including but not limited to:

- One completed permit application

- Occupancy classification, occupant load, type of construction, level of alteration (If applicable)

- Elevation views for all sides

- Footing or monolithic slab details

- Roof truss layout and engineering

- Typical wall section demonstrating a continuous load path

- Buck details and weather proofing of the openings

- Energy Calculations

- Completed product approval sheet for all exterior components and cladding

- Volusia County impact fee statement

Please Email Permit Applications to: