If there any questions as to whether or not a permit is required, always check in advance.

Always use licensed contractors for all proposed work on your property.

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-Provide plan review and required inspections for all permitted construction projects.

-Checks licensing and registrations for all permit applications, utilizing the Volusia County Licensing Program through an interlocal agreement.


Always Check Before Building:

Start with a zoning (Community Development) to see if what you want to do is feasible and/or allowed.


If you are planning a new or an addition project, signed and sealed surveys are required to be submitted (3-Commercial 2- Residential). If the property is located in a FEMA designated special flood hazard area, two copies of completed, signed and sealed elevation certificates are required to be provided as part of the submittal package.


Submittal Documents:

New structures and additions require plans and documents (Commercial-3 Complete sets; Residential-3 Complete sets) including but not limited to:

- One completed permit application

- Occupancy classification, occupant load, type of construction, level of alteration (If applicable)

- Elevation views for all sides

- Footing or monolithic slab details

- Roof truss layout and engineering

- Typical wall section demonstrating a continuous load path

- Buck details and weather proofing of the openings

- Energy Calculations

- Completed product approval sheet for all exterior components and cladding

- Volusia County impact fee statement

Gary Hiatt, Building Official
(386) 322-3024

Patsy Huffman, Permit Technician
(386) 322-3020

Please Email Permit Applications to: