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Where is the Parks & Recreation department located?
We are on Big Tree Road, between Ridgewood & Nova, closer to Ridgewood just west of the RR crossing.
Do you charge additional non-resident fees for Parks and Recreation Programs?
No, we have the same fee schedule for both residents & non-residents
Why do we have to pay a $100.00 deposit fee on rentals?
If our facilities are damaged or left dirty after your rental, the deposit fees are applied to cover costs of repair and/or clean-up.
How do you pronounce the name of the Community Center? Is it named for someone?
The name of our building is pronounced (pig-got). Our building is named for our past mayor, "Coach" Joe Piggotte. He has been a dedicated member of this community for a very long time.
How can I sponsor a recreation program?
Please contact our Parks & Recreation office. We have special events and sporting events year round providing you with varying levels of sponsorship and opportunities to help out.
Do I have to purchase the additional insurance for my child to participate in parks and recreation activities?
We require that participants purchase the recreation insurance for various programs such as our athletics, tae kwon do, cheerleading, gymnastics, summer camp and others. Not all our programs have this requirement so please ask when registering.
Will all the children who register for an athletic program be placed on a team?
Yes. All children who register will go through a draft process to make sure the teams are as even as possible. We have minimum playing requirements and all coaches must adhere to them.
Are volunteers put through background checks?
Yes. We background check our coaches annually. We also are required to background check any people teaching recreation classes that are working with children.
Can I get a refund if I am not happy with a program?
We will offer a refund after the first class if you are not happy with a program. We do not offer refunds beyond that point as the instructors are paid based on the amount of participants in their class.
Do you prorate the cost of classes if I begin late?
No. We do not prorate our fees based on the number of classes in a session. We will offer a rate of one-half the fee once half the class has expired. We do not offer this rate at the beginning of a session if you are only going to be attending for the first half.
Results 1-10 of 10
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