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The Public Works Department performs a great deal of engineering in house and strives to provide the highest quality of professional engineering services in the planning, design and construction of public facilities and capital improvements.  In the event where a project whose scope requires a specialized field of study, pre-selected firms are utilized to provide engineering and architectural services.  These firms are selected annually based on resumes, past experience and their reputation for excellence in the community.
Standards Details & Specifications for Developers
All Standard Details and Specifications have been prepared and updated for the purpose of establishing minimum and uniform requirements, to be used by al Developers, Contractors, and Engineers for the preparation of plans and the construction of public improvements.  These Standard Details and Specifications are to used in conjunction with the latest revision of all Federal, State, and County Specifications and Guidelines.
City of South Daytona Standard Details are provided for informational purposes only as a service to the public and persons doing business with the City of South Daytona.
The selection and use of these standard details while designed in accordance with generally accepted engineering principles and practices, is the sole responsibility of the user and should not be used without consulting a Registered Professional Engineer.
South Ridgewood Avenue Corridor Design Standards
The City of South Daytona's architecture is predominately a regional style with a Mediterranean influence.  Architecture that is generally characterized as "Mediterranean" covers a broad spectrum of potential variations which are rich in diversity.  This diversity of architectural elements evolved from the widely varied environmental and cultural roots of the Mediterranean region and typically these include the common use of structural columns and arches that reflect classical architecture in the form of colonnades.

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