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Mosquito Control in Volusia County is accomplished through an integrated pest management approach. Forty species of mosquitoes make Volusia County their home, but only 12 species are considered nuisances. Mosquito problem areas are identified through mosquito trapping and investigation of customer service requests. Once mosquito production areas are identified, the possibility of physically altering the site to alleviate the problem is studied. Fish stocking, rotary ditching and minnow catch basins are the first methods employed to remove mosquitoes. If the mosquito producing site can not be altered to prevent mosquito production, environmentally compatible chemicals are sprayed in select areas to control mosquito immatures. As a last resort, spraying by fogging trucks and helicopters for adult mosquitoes is done when mosquito numbers cause severe human annoyance or there is a likelihood of the spread of mosquito borne diseases such as encephalitis or dengue.

For more information or to make a service request please the Volusia County Government Mosquito Control page:

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