1600 S. Ridgewood Avenue

Address Acres Zoning Future Land Use List Price Realtor Owner Status
1613 S. Ridgewood Avenue 1.12 BGC MXD1 N/A N/A Bhavani Inc Not listed, no sign on property

This site is in a prime central location on lighted intersection of two main arteries, high traffic US-1: North - 33,000 AADT, South - 27,000 AADT, Beville Rd - 20,000 AADT. Located across Beville Road from a new 10 Pump Racetrac Gas Station. Located in an Opportunity Zone and the City’s Community Redevelopment Area (CRA). Business General Commercial (BGC) Zoning: Retail, Office, Restaurant, Personal Care, Professional Use. Note: Targeted businesses, for example medical or professional office, are eligible for CRA incentives.