Welcome to the City of South Daytona and the Utility Billing Department. Answers to your questions may be answered below. If you have further questions, please call Customer Service at (386) 322-3002.


  • Each utility account opened within the City of South Daytona requires an advanced security deposit that will remain with the City until the customer finals the account.  A 5/8” water meter deposit is $225.

  • All service requests and/or account changes must be requested in writing. You may visit the office or email us at service@southdaytona.org

  • The City’s utility billing dates are divided into three billing cycles. These cycles are based entirely upon the property location where you receive service. Your billing and due dates will remain the same from month to month, varying slightly due to holidays, weekends, and the number of days in a month.

  • Residents can elect to receive due-date reminders and shut-off reminders electronically. Please call Customer Service at (386) 322-3002 to enroll and update your contact information as needed to ensure successful receipt of notices. You will receive the alerts from 844-309-7105. We recommend you save this number in your cell phone.

  • Water consumption is billed in thousands-of-gallon increments. Until your meter surpasses the next highest thousand-gallon mark, you will not be billed for that usage. Please note, your final bill, any usage over 500 gallons, will be billed at the next highest thousand gallons. If your property is vacant, the owner of the property will receive an availability of service statement.

  • You may notice our meter readers in your neighborhood carrying a device with a long “wand”. With this device, they can electronically read your meter without manually recording the reading.

  • Failure to receive your bill does not waive past due penalties. Bills are mailed monthly unless you are enrolled in the paperless option and elected not to receive a bill. Problems with receipt of mail should be reported to the Post Office. Please call our office anytime you have a question about your bill or fail to receive one by the appropriate date. If you fail to receive a bill, please call Customer Service at (386) 322-3002.

  • Bills are considered past due twenty-one (21) days after the billing date. Per Sec. 20-70: If payment on any bill is not received within twenty (20) days following the bill date, a late charge equivalent to ten percent (10%) of the unpaid balance is added on the twenty-first day. If payment on any bill is not received within twenty-nine (29) days of the bill date, service shall be disconnected.

  • If your service is delinquent and scheduled for disconnection, service shall be continued or reconnected only after all delinquent AND current charges on the account are paid. **Only cash or credit card payments will be accepted to restore services after disconnection for non-payment.

  • Water consumption varies by occupants of each address. Some residents may consume more water than others based on their lifestyles. The average consumer uses two (2) to three (3) thousand gallons of water per person, each month. Example- if you have 3 occupants in your home, you should expect to use 6-9 thousand gallons of water each month. Questions regarding rates and consumption can be answered by calling Customer Service (386)-322-3002.

  • We offer several convenient ways to pay your bill:
  1. Pay over the phone by dialing 1-844-309-7105. Automated phone payments are accepted 24-hours a day. This service is free of charge. (You will need your account and customer numbers from your bill and your credit card, debit card or bank account information.)
  2. On-line payments via credit card, debit card or bank account through the City’s website at southdaytona.org. Residents may set up scheduled payments or use one-time payment.
  3. Drive-Thru Window located on the north side of City Hall is open during business hours Monday-Friday 8:00 am – 4:30 pm. Please bring your bill.
  4. Payment Drop Box available 24 hours a day on the north side of the building.
  5. Cash payments can be made at CVS, Family Dollar, or 7-11 Stores. Coupons on the back of your bill must accompany payment. Keep one in your wallet to reuse!
  6. Pay in City Hall Monday – Friday, 8:00 am – 4:30 pm.