The mission of the Utility Billing Department is to ensure efficiency in all billing and collection of utility charges. Utility Billing is committed to excellence and will strive to provide courteous relations to all residents by responding to their needs in a timely, professional, and respectful manner.

The Utility Billing Department is responsible for mailing residents’ monthly statements for water, sewer, garbage, and stormwater services. Sewer charges are billed in equivalent to water consumption.

In accordance with City Ordinance, Sec. 20-70, Utility Bills are due 20 days following the date the bill was rendered. Payments not received within 20 days will be assessed a penalty of 10% percent. Payments not received within 29 days of bill date will be assessed additional charges and service shall be disconnected.  Service will not be restored until all outstanding balances on the account are paid in full including current (new) and past due charges, late and delinquent fees, and other charges on the account, such as additional deposits if applicable.

Current Water Rates as of October 1st, 2022. Please be advised the tables below are based on commonly used 5/8” meter.  For a comprehensive rate sheet please call our office. Note, rates may increase annually in October.


Water Rate Per 1,000 Gallons

Availability Fee

0-1000 gal.



1001-7000   gal.



 >7000 gal





Sewer Rate Per 1,000 Gallons

Availability Fee

0-1000 gal.



>1001 gal. 




Still have questions?  Please contact Customer Service at (386) 322-3002 or email and we will be happy to serve you!