All applications that require advertising associated with a public hearing shall pay all costs associated with the advertising. Application fees are due and payable when the review request or applications are submitted. Prior to the final action, staff shall determine the status of any additional advertising costs that shall be payable by the applicant.

A. Annexation
Properties that are contiguous with the municipal
boundaries of the City which are available for voluntary
No Fee
B. Comprehensive Plan Amendments – In addition to the fees listed below, additional costs for consultant services may be required if considered necessary as determined by the Community Development Director.
Small Scale Amendment (< 10 acres) $2,500.00 plus advertising
Expedited Amendment (>10 acres) $3,500.00 plus advertising
Any comprehensive plan amendment other than under
Items 1 and 2 above affecting any element other than the
land use element.
$1,000.00 plus advertising
C. Concurrency
Traffic Impact Analysis $500.00 or cost of consultant
D. Grading and Filling/Clearing
Single-Family $60.00
E. Miscellaneous
Appeal of City Manager Interpretation $300.00
Easement Release $200.00 (incl. recording cost)
Zoning Determination $50.00
Zoning sign-off for alcoholic beverage licenses $50.00
Reimbursable Professional Reviews Actual cost of review
F. Planned Developments
Planned Development $2,500 plus advertising
Major amendments to existing planned development $1,000.00 plus advertising
Minor amendments (no public hearing review) to existing planned development $400.00
Extension requested prior to expiration $250.00
G. Regulatory Amendments
Zoning Map (not part of planned development) $1,500.00 plus advertising
Land Development code text $4,000.00 plus advertising
H. Site Plan Review
One-time conceptual plan review $100.00
Initial Application (involving new construction or redevelopment) $2,000.00
Resubmittal at the fourth review $200.00/submittal
I. Special Exception/Use
involving new construction or redevelopment $800.00 plus advertising
J. Street
Vacation $500.00 plus advertising
K. Subdivisions
Lot Line Adjustment $350.00 (incl. recording fees)
Concept Plan $350.00
Preliminary Plat $1,500.00 plus $25.00/lot
Final Plat $1,500.00 plus $25.00/lot
Surveyor's Review of Plats Actual cost of survey
Recording of Plat Actual cost of recording plat
Resubmittal after fourth review $200.00
L. Variances
Residential and Commercial Variances $350.00 plus advertising
Variance After-the-fact $700.00 plus advertising

Note: All site, development, variance and special exception plans must be submitted in standard hard copy format and in digital “pdf” format. Digital files shall be submitted on a cd. Plans not submitted in the required digital format will be charged $5.00 per sheet and $10.00 for the cd.