The Community Development Department provides guidance and support to residents, businesses and developers to manage existing and future development and redevelopment by encouraging investment and economic growth for the City of South Daytona. The department provides management and support services to the City Planning Appeals Board, Community Redevelopment Agency and City Council and works to works to improve community livability and quality of life by encouraging responsible development that incorporates quality urban design while protecting natural resources.

The department is responsible for drafting and maintaining the Comprehensive Plan and Land Development Regulations, Reviewing Development Plans and Issuing Development Orders and reviewing, processing, and monitoring all other Development related applications.  In addition, the department is responsible for receiving building permit applications, assuring contractors are properly licensed and insured, reviewing plans for compliance with the Florida Building Code, routing applications to various departments for review, issuing permits, performing inspections and maintaining records.  Reviews and approvals are governed by the City's adopted Comprehensive Plan, Land Development Code, Future Land Use and Zoning Maps and State Law and Regulations.  If you have any questions, please contact the Community Development Department at 386-322-3022.


Zoning Map (pdf)

Future Land Use Map (pdf)

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